Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Signature Fragrance

Image credit: williamcho on Flickr
In coolness of this Spring morning,
I heard Your whisper, felt Your touch,
sensed Your smile as You drew me close
to the scent of Your holiness.

I lay in awe of Your presence,
feeling Your breath stir my spirit,
calling me to intimacy,
knowing you knew, yet valued me.

Surrendering my whole being,
I felt Your love making me new,
LORD, fill my pores with Your essence,
Let me wear the fragrance of You.

Sometimes, I catch a whiff of my self-focused smell, and it stinks! Ah, but Jesus--what a Wonder He is! Fragrant Rose, Lily of the Valley, He's been called. I want to carry with me the scent of Him.  (Ever been hugged by someone whose expensive fragrance, cheap cologne, or body odor lingered?  Then you know what I mean!:)

Prior to His death, burial, and resurrection, a lady who had been forgiven much took costly perfume to pour out on His tired, aching feet, mingled with tears of grateful love. Stuffy, self-righteous onlooker disdained her gift, but Jesus treasured it so much He said mention would be made of it everywhere the Gospel was preached.

I like to think that this very expensive "real stuff" clung to Him as He washed his disciples' feet, was dragged from the garden, roughly handled, cruelly mocked; and as the bruised feet, caked with blood, trod the cobblestone path to the cross, perhaps, even then, He sniffed a hint of her devotion. He did tell his followers, after all, that she had anointed him for His burial. And that one grand vial cost about a year's salary.

Our love and worship is a sweet fragrance to Him that He cannot give Himself. Let's pour it out freely to Him Who offered us His very life. When, in His presence, we've been drenched in His very costly love gift to us, it should surely cling to us as we walk along our way through this world.


  1. Malena..this was so beautifl! I absolutely loved the poem and all that you wrote here.

    I have a picture of roses and underneath them it says:

    May our lives be a sweet fragrance to God...the fragrance of Christ within us!

    I love that...and it is such a good thing to remember.

    I became a follower today. (:>)

    Love, Linda

  2. I hope you don't mind...but I added an extra reminder on the bottom of my blog today to hop over and read your wonderful post!


  3. Linda--Thanks so very much for your kind, encouraging words! I shall hurry over to your post to read what you wrote; methinks I may have found a kindred spirit:)