Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Thank You, God!  Oh, thank you so, so much!
You see my smile?  How I love Your touch!
I hate the flat gruel of dark despair
when it tastes like You don't really care.

Of course, Theology says You do;
You're Unchanging; Your Word always true.

But sometimes when my sighs and heart cries
seem unheard; circumstances arise
king size, tackling me down to the ground--
flattening me--pounding pain, threatening
to steal what faith's arm stretched high to catch,

I need to know that my Coach believes
I can hold on, break free, run touchdown!

And thanks for team players who defend--
intercept, intercede, act as friend.
I think one of them just prayed for me;
I've crossed the end zone in victory!

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