Saturday, August 27, 2011


Light after Darkness
Image credit JD I Photography on Flickr

Lady of Light, you found a way to squeeze sunlight
'round corners, under cracks in doors closed to others,
banishing shadows--and who knows how many times
your candlelight warmed the cold night of someone's soul!

Your spotlight searched for wisdom, understanding, truth,
found worth many miss, beamed wonder at God's splendor.
You were a lighthouse of prayer, saving straying ships.
Your smile lit steps on the trip we strolled together.

You've gone to the Source of the Pure Light you reflected,
sooner than expected, an evening star at twilight.
Though in lonely night seasons weeping will surely come,
Joy will break thru' in rainbow hues, sparkling morning sun! 

A year ago today, my sweet Mama moved to heaven.  (I wrote another poem called "Moving Day" which I've not yet shared on here, but you can read a little more about her in "Memories of You, Mom" --an earlier post).  She was wonderful and unique in many ways; one would be hard pressed to find anyone who loved God more and longed for others to know Him, too.

She smiled with her eyes, and that light of love crept into many hardened hearts because it was real.  Know how you hate to have someone shine a light in your eyes when you're trying to sleep?  She kept her flashlight with her at night, but it was to prevent stumbling in the dark if she needed it.  She never meant to blast you in the eyes with her light of truth; she shone to point the pathway when one needed direction, to protect from danger, to bring cheer into a gloomy day--like opening heavy, dreary drapery to allow sunshine in.  Her life was a lighted window, hope in the darkness.  Radiant warmth of a bonfire from the chill of life--because she cared.  We shared understanding, laughter, love; I miss her far more than I even thought I would, ache for her at times--but rejoice when I picture her with Jesus--in the city where He, the Lamb of God, shines as the Light that banishes darkness forever!

Started to close this, but must ask:  Are you walking in the Light?  Do you know Jesus?  Have you heard He loves you?  You can receive Him, and the glow of His presence will dwell inside so that you will never be alone again. His light is truth and love--the genuine, not the artificial.  Just say:  "Jesus, I open my heart to receive you as my Lord and Savior, to receive as personal truth your death and resurrection to save me.  Thank you for loving me enough to give me the gift of eternal life.  Shine in my heart, and let your light be seen by the world around me."    Read the Bible, His Word to you.  The gospel of John is a good place to start.  It talks about Him as The Light, too:)  Ask Him to lead you into all truth and to protect you from deception.  Step out of the shadow into the sunshine!


  1. Malena...This was all just so beautiful! Especially your feelings about your mom! I love your poems and writings. They are so moving and filled with your heart and soul.

    I am glad that you share Jesus and His love so easily with others. Keep up the good work...sweet sister in Christ!


  2. Dear Lovely Linda, My heart thanks you for your encouraging words. Wish I could know you in person & that you could have known my sweet Mama. Someday, perhaps soon, we'll all meet "over there" and see Jesus face to face. Sometimes I don't feel I reflect Him well, but He is the Center of my life. Without Him, nothing would have real value or meaning--or make sense!:)