Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Make me a channel of Your Life Water,
fresh flowing, revitalizing river.
Not a sad, stale, stagnant swamp without banks,
seeping sludge in too many directions,
feeding ground for a million mosquitoes,
mushy habitat for alligators
lying in wait to grind time to pieces!

Help me know You as my Source, hear Your voice
showing me my course of the most important.
Not that Your supply would ever run dry;
but when I try to rush by on my own,
thirst-quenching refreshing becomes trickling
dead streams cut off from fresh water current,
a splash of salt water no one can drink.

So may I think Your thoughts: trust, not worry--nor hurry through the day going my way
trying to cover too much ground without
sound of Your Words in my heart and mouth,
quieting my mind, guiding me to find
the still peace of Your present, perfect will--
the freeing purpose of my whole being.

When we used to make frequent trips to Coatazcoalcos and Southern Mexico years ago, I could smell the marshy swamp lands as we neared the gulf. The enchanting sea allured me, but I found nothing attractive about the mosquito-ridden, mushy-squishy swamps where other dangerous creatures slithered and lurked.

For any city to thrive, it must have a fresh water supply nearby. As Christians, not only are we collectively the "city of God" but carriers of the life-giving Water of His Spirit. We are not that Water, but we should each be able to quench the inner thirst of souls in our path. In a larger sense, we should be a channel through which the River of God can flow. (I have to smile as I recall a chorus heard years ago that went like this: "I want to be a channel for the River of dig me deep (ha--as in understand you?) and dig me wide (double ha-ha because so many church people fit that outwardly!:)...Anyway, I do think I understand the songwriter's intent. May we allow our Lord to prepare us, direct us, remove all the debris that would block the powerful, free flow of His life through us so that a dying, dehydrating world can drink.

God has a purpose for you and me--not just public performers or chosen super-spiritual superstars. Don't you long to fulfill it? I do.

"Oh, God, help me to get it right! I can't afford to waste anymore time. I won't answer for what anyone else is or is not, does or does not do; however, I will soon stand before You, Awesome God, and give account for how I did or did not allow Your life to flow through mine. I see so many needs, so much I want to do. Often I feel overwhelmed, weak, inadequate--sometimes perplexed, frustrated. Yet You are not only adequate but Abundant. Without You, I'm a dusty drought ditch! Without Your direction, I'm a stinky swamp. I want to give You pleasure, not sadness. I'm not particular about who You want me to give drink--perhaps some parched soul who might not be offered a sip from others. See through my eyes; hear through my ears; smile and speak through my lips; touch, pray, praise, cook, clean, play, hug, hold though my fingers and hands; cause my feet to follow Your way. All I am, all I can be, all I can do, all You can do through me--that's what I truly want. Must connect with others who are part of Your channel throughout the earth and be one as You prayed, Jesus, for maximized flow of Life. Glorify Yourself; flow fresh, clear, sparkling with hope, free and unobstructed by pettiness, to all Who pant for You. In Your name, Amen."

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