Wednesday, September 21, 2011


He beholds me while I sleep as
once I did my little ones--though
infinitely more tenderly--
sees the potential, but frailty
of frame as He whispers my name.

He gently kisses tired sighs,
cuddles, cradles, comforts my cries.
Traces my lips with fingertips
that paint the glory of sunrise,
watches me yawn and stretch and rise.

He sits close to me at breakfast
as I read His Word, call Him Lord.
Squeezing hands across my table,
He tells me He's more than able
to lift the loads I can't handle.

We laugh, sing, dance, and talk awhile;
memories and dreams make us both smile.
He smiles with eyes undistracted,
no turning glance to side of head,
understanding just what I said.

We discuss lots for I can trust
Him not to tell nor ever yell.
He says to do what I enjoy;
I never fear I will annoy
Him with the truth of being me.

I'm never alone, for you see
God Himself keeps me company!

For all my sweet widow friends who "live alone", this is for you.  Our choir used to sing a song, "I'll Never Be Lonely Again" --beautiful melody and sweet words, but hardly true as I see it!  Actually, I rather enjoy occasional solitude; how I would feel if it were forced on me, I cannot say.  I rather think it would indeed get lonely from time to time.  But how wonderful to be able to enjoy the company of none other than the King of Kings--the God Who says Himself that He is Love!  Sweet dears, you can pray and change the course of a thousand lives in a hundred different countries!  You can enjoy the Lord's nearness in a way those with other people obligations cannot do as easily.  You are important.  You are loved.  You are NEVER alone! :)

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