Wednesday, July 27, 2011

True Love

Love is everlasting
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His arms held me as I awoke; His hand ran gently up and down the length of my back.  His eyes looked into mine, and I have never felt so known, so accepted, so loved--never so complete.  His love was a multiplied compilation of all the cherished relationships in my entire life.  But then, of course, He IS love!  Don't leave me here; let me relate my dream.

It seemed that I was part of a rather large cast of actors in a play.  Some of the people I knew; many I did not.  Several of the people were double cast; I mean two different actors playing the same person in opposite character roles.  I supposed we were in some type of church play, though there seemed to be a lot of drinking going on.  While I was talking to a sister-in-law, the director said we should get ready for the last scene.  In it, I believe Jesus was going to appear.  I wondered aloud to her what it would be like in heaven when we actually saw Him, where we would live in proximity.

During this time, various actors and actresses were coming and going, replacing prototypes, saying they were the real person.  Many of them left the stage drunk, saying they didn't feel like playing anymore.  "I just can't do this!" lamented one lady, looking sick.  Some fell behind a table, perhaps just exhausted with care.

While we were chatting, a guy came up who I at first thought was an actor playing Jesus.  I turned to him; and when He looked at me, I knew it was the real Jesus.  "Oh, I love You!" I cried spontaneously.  And that's when He took me in His arms and let me know what true love was.  It was not sensual but even more intimate than the sexual union.  I felt so one with Him.  Unworthy?  Oh yes, of course, but that's not what came through the most at that time; I valued and cherished, so totally understood to the core of my being.  He was holy, but it wasn't a heavy holiness; never did I feel so "light".  I was in awe, but we were smiling at one another.  It was  inexpressible joy and perfect peace.

I awoke!  I wouldn't have minded never awakening, but the great thing is that I feel Him with me still.  I know we must live by faith, that feelings change, but I want always to sense this nearness, this real closeness.  Yes, I have felt this many times in His presence, but this was special.  I will not try to interpret my dream (tho' I did leave a comment:) Just please know that He is real, He is coming, and He loves you, too! 

Since it seems to fit, I am going to retype for you my poem from an older post, "Signature Fragrance".  You might also enjoy "Exaltation/Exultation", "Hold Me", "Portrait of Peace" and/or some of the other posts:)

In coolness of this Spring morning,      (Ha--in this month of 100+, that would be nice!:)
I heard Your whisper, felt Your touch,
sensed Your smile as You drew me close
to the scent of Your holiness.

I lay in awe of Your presence, 
feeling Your breath stir my spirit,
calling me to intimacy,
knowing You knew, yet valued me.

Surrendering my whole being,
I felt Your love making me new.
LORD, fill my pores with Your essence;
Let me wear the fragrance of You.

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  1. Two friends close to my heart moved to heaven this past week. Maybe God just wanted to "restore my soul" with a special dream visitation. However, I believe it has significance for you, too. Don't lose heart. Don't get drunk on cares, pleasure, busyness, politics, pettiness--or drop out because of disillusionment--and miss His present presence, His soon coming, His love. Turn; His arms are open.