Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Jeweled gates, transparent gold streets, ivory palace--dazzling light
Riveting river streams, a throne where glory gleams--never night.
Exalted angel symphony, perfect sync and harmony,
Praise, worshiped, adored, Center or it all--Jesus Christ, the Lord.

For in the beginning, when the spheres took shape, galaxies flung,
planets, suns, hung suspended on nothing but air--He was there!
Co-Creator, He liked taking our insignificant earth
to make something of worth--home for the man He'd designed and planned.

No automation, crowning creation--God's own image rose,
able to receive and return His awesome love--if he chose.
Man gambled intimacy with Deity, temporary
gratification of curiosity over trusting

Truth, lasting Love, authority of his Creator.  We lost.
Downward, diseased sin spiral began.  The cost?  Cut off from God
Who loved us still but wouldn't violate the will He'd given.
Yet God longed for us, sent His Son, our ransom, from heaven.

So in the fullness of time, the Mighty, Majestic One stepped  
down from His throne to become tiny seed in His very own
creation, a young virgin called Mary, starting formation
as human son of man so that we could become sons of God.

In nine months, He burst forth to trod the world His word gave substance,
Infinite/infant, dependent for His very sustenance!
Broken gates, disorderly streets, smelly stable--noisy night
Blood and water streams, dirty manger, tiny screams--Holy Light!

No room for Him then, no room for Him now, rejected, ignored.
Slapped and betrayed, dying as He prayed forgiveness for you and
me, rising the third day to show He's the Only Way to be
saved from God separation, actually come to know Him Who
can fill the void in your hungry heart and offer a fresh start--
      God's Gift from Above
      Incarnated Love!

Please read this through once more and receive God's Christmas gift to you personally.  Is there room in your heart for Jesus?  Has bitterness or cynicism crowded him out of your mind and emotions?  Your spirit still longs for communion with Him just as He wanted communion with us, and you will never know completeness without it.  You don't have to analyze and understand everything; just decide to believe what He has put into the spirit of every human being.  Say, "Lord Jesus, I open my heart to receive You as my only Savior for my sin of unbelief and going my own way.  Reveal Yourself to me as Lord, help me to know You, to be delivered and protected from all deception.  I renounce all that would keep me from that.  Thank You for loving me, for coming as a babe, experiencing life here, dying and rising from the dead to save me.  I want You to guide my life until You come for me."
Read your Bible (you could start with the gospel of John) and talk to Him every day.  Find other true believers, and fellowship with them.  (Don't judge Jesus by those who call themselves Christians but act nothing like Him, but don't judge them either:)  Just seek to know and follow Him yourself; but do try to find a group that sincerely wants to know Him, make Him known to others, and follow the truth of the Bible, His Word to us.  I would like to explain to you more--about the importance of water baptism and the work of the Holy Spirit--but the most vital thing eternally is receiving Jesus:) Let me know if you need further help understanding, and thank you for visiting and reading my post!  You may be hurting in ways I can only imagine, but you are never alone now.  "Emmanuel", one of the names given to Jesus, the Messiah, means "God with us".  The One Who knows you best, loves you most, and is most willing and able to help you, lives with you and is now in you!:)  And I believe this same Jesus will soon return for those who are His.  May that hope excite and sustain you until then.  Merry Christmas!

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